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Retailing is undergoing a radical change. Our strategic knowledge base and combined know-how enable us to identify successful go-to-market strategies and to developing opportunities for brands looking to initiate or expand operations in North America as well as in Latin America. 

Retail Management


Whether implementing a Pop-up based expansion or establishing a permanent retail footprint in the territory, we have the know how, skills and experience to successfully manage high-end stores as well as e-commerce operations. Our own retail lab concept, Galleria Italia, might be useful to analyze how products & capsule collections perform in the local market.

Shopping Mall Development


We provide strategic advisory, industry expertise, sector-specific know-how and skilled human resources with the objective to facilitate the set up and the management of a luxury platform of high-end retailers within the project. 

Gamma3 Council


Luxury Retail Partners powers Gamma3, an industry association that stages the Forum on Luxury in the Americas,  bringing together C-suite leaders from luxury brands, retailers, and developers to analyze High-End retail strategies. Cartier, Tiffany, Dolce & Gabbana, Zegna among the 40+ members. 

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